Made in Germany


Slow Fashion – Fast Fashion
There is a change of mind inside the consumer’s heads.

All styles of the ILSA RUSS dressing gown collection are manufactured in Germany.
A tendency that – little by little – is gaining importance for our society.

The term „Fast Fashion“ is known by different definitions:

A great many describe it by the speedily produced copies of the latest catwalk styles of Haute Couture, offered by big fashion companies within a very short time at remarkably low prices.

Others define „Fast Fashion“ by quickly rotating fashion trends; up to 12 collections are thrown into the market per year. The result is a very fast change of products. If the clientele is not quick on the trigger, the desired item is out of stock – the next fashion fad gets on the run.

The customer is driven into the habit of fast-buying. The message seems clear: „To be in style you have to be fast!” Another essential part of the scenery is the low price: This category of fashion has to be cheap!

Quality is bad – corresponding to the price and that’s a most welcome excuse for throwing away garments after a very short period of time, and – on the other hand – is creating a need to buy new fashion-items.

But low price production and thoughtlessness cause damage with serious consequences: For all workers involved in producing „Fast Fashion“ –  being forced into highly questionable working conditions and above all for our natural environment and climate and – last but not least – for the good health of the customer, wearing toxic fabrics next to the skin.

„Slow fashion“ is presenting itself in a remarkably different way: Awareness is the most important characteristic underlining the concern about fair production. All that applies to products produced in Germany. „Made in Germany“

Media analyses inform us about a strong request for a larger supply with products „Made in Germany“.

The main problem is the price – many customers are not willing to pay higher prices. But products „Made in Germany“, under the terms of manufacturing in top quality fabrics, implicating high standards in production for all workers call for higher prices.

Anyway – the crowd of people looking for fashion manufactured in fair production is getting bigger, and a majority of them define „buying fashion, Made in Germany“ pure luxury and a privilege. They indulge „investing“ in fairly produced fashion-items of premium quality.