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Ilsa Russ

Ilsa Russ

The Viennese designer ILSA RUSS previously has drawn attention of the Viennese art circles on her collection “DRESS ART”.
Being in charge for the design of stage outfits in movies on the subject of “ballet” she could develop her idea of creating a symbiosis of “Dress” and “Art”: “DRESS ART”.

During several years in London she perfected her passion for ornamental shapes, working as a Jewellery Designer.
She designed and created singular pieces of jewellery for exclusive customers of selected Jewellery Manufacturers in London (Hatton Garden).
She was highly praised by her clients.

After years of being an independent creative artist, she wanted her designs to be published for a wider clientele and decided to work within the fashion industry in Germany.
This included positions within design, patternmaking and quality management for internationally known fashion companies.

With all the experience and driven by the desire to create new design concepts, the designer ILSA RUSS now dedicates herself to the topic “Dressing gowns“: exclusive – sophisticated – glamorous.

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Study fashion design at the University for Applied Art, Vienna, Austria
Collection DRESS ART – avant-garde evening fashion, Vienna, Austria
Presentation of fashion shows DRESS ART on Austrian television, ORF / Vienna
Design of outfits for TV productions of the ORF / Vienna, Austria
Jewellery designer, London, Great Britain
Various positions in the area of Design / Collection Management / Quality Management for famous companies of the fashion industry, Germany
Design Studio for fashion design, Munich, Germany
Collection ILSA RUSS – Dressing gowns, Munich, Germany